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What is so different about Aloha Clinics’ Nutrition & Diet Programs?

We believe in indigenous, individualised nutrition that has long-lasting effects for good health and which is easy to follow & continue throughout life.

Who should enrol for Nutrition & Diet Programs?

In today’s world, there are only a handful of us who tick all the right boxes when it comes to health and nutrition. Although we have nutrition & diet programs for everyone, we highly recommend it to people who have certain health goals to meet and require doctor recommended routines.

What happens after one enrols for Aloha Clinics’ Nutrition & Diet Programs?

After taking the individual’s medical history, diet recall & food preferences; our nutritionists’ design meal plans in consultation of our cardiologists & diabetologists. Our meal plans are divided into a cycle of 15 days each, and at the end of each cycle, our nutritionists evaluate the outcome and modify the next cycle accordingly. The evaluation sessions happen both in person as well as online in cases where the individual is unable to travel.

What are the different types of Nutrition & Diet Programs available at Aloha Clinics?

Our plans are mostly tailor-made to an individual’s goals and health condition, but here are a few, listed for you to pick off-the-shelf.

  • Diabetes Management Meal
  • Cardiac Management Meal
  • Weight Loss & Management Meal
  • Diabetes Reversal Meal
  • Cardiac Reversal Meal
  • Gestational Diabetes Management Meal
  • Renal Meals for Chronic Kidney Failure
  • Meal for Chronic Liver Disease Patients
  • Meals for PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Nutrition Guidance for Diabetic Sarcopenia (Muscle Loss & Weakness due to Diabetes)

Does a qualified doctor or a specialist review my meal plan and its outcomes?

Absolutely! That’s what differentiates Aloha Clinics from others, we practice a multidisciplinary approach. Our nutritionists discuss your medical history, your meal preferences and his/her line of treatment with our cardiologist & diabetologists before recommending a meal to you.

Do I have to visit Aloha Clinics for my meal plan or I could get it delivered at home?

We always welcome you at our clinic because one-on-one interaction or physical examination can’t be replicated on a video call. But in case you are not able to make it for any reason, we do have the facility of teleconsultation, in which our nutritionist would consult you over a video call and later email you the meal plan after discussing it with our cardiologist & diabetologists.

How different are Aloha Clinics’ meal plans from other trending diet plans on the internet?

In the context of India, our clinical teams have spotted many vitamins & nutrient deficiencies in these internet-famous diet plans. Aloha Clinics’ tailor-made meal plans contain natural food products (no meal replacers) that help you achieve health goals without any deficiencies and are easier to follow for the long term.

What could be the side effects of Aloha Clinics’ meal plans?

Apart from a healthier you, we don’t see any other side-effects.

Can I consult my doctor before starting an Aloha Clinics’ meal plan?

It is about your health and nothing is more important than that. So, we do appreciate you consulting your physician before enrolling in Aloha Clinics’ meal plans.

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