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What is a Medical Gym.?

A Medical Gym. is a facility that operates under the guidance of Cardiologists, Diabetologists, Sports & Medicine Experts, Kinesiologists and Physiotherapists.

Who should enrol for the Medical Gym.?

A Medical Gym. is designed to scientifically help every individual reach his/her health goals. Whether you’re looking for a Cardiac. Rehab. after an Angioplasty or Bypass, managing Diabetes, training for a marathon or just being a fitness freak, Medical Gym. is for people of all ages.

Can the Medical Gym. help me with post-surgery rehabilitation?

Our teams are well trained to manage all types (Cardiology/Orthopaedics/Spine/Neurology) of rehabilitation post-surgery. Your rehabilitation program is discussed with your treating doctor and he/she receives fortnightly updates on your progress from our team.

Can the Medical Gym. help me with weight loss or post-pregnancy management?

We are not a slimming centre to make false promises. At Aloha Clinics, we combine exercise, medication and nutrition, to provide you with a clinically safe, long-term solution.

Can someone outside Pune enrol for the Medical Gym.?

Yes, we do provide online, pre-recorded sessions and group activities. You could always contact us to discuss your requirements.

What happens after one enrols for the Medical Gym.?

On enrolling for the Medical Gym., your vital stats., medical history and health goals are recorded. Depending on your medical history, you undergo an assessment with a Cardiologist/Diabetologist who play a huge role in defining your exercise regime. From here a Kinesiologist and Physiotherapists take over, they detail your workouts, dividing your ultimate goal into achievable stages and personally train you.

To make your journey wholesome & enjoyable, our in-house dieticians and clinical psychologists team up to design your diet and keep you motivated.

Why should you choose Aloha Clinics Medical Gym.?

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