Facilities at Aloha Clinics


Improving the experience of patients has been at the heart of everything we do.

Outpatient department (OPD) is the first point of contact with patients and serves as the shop window to any healthcare service. Our consultation zone is designed around a shared interactive display for the caregiver and patient. It allows the caregiver to review medical records and educational materials as well as set schedules for medication,reinforcing a long-term care relationship with the patients and their families. It has a height-adjustable exam chair with the Patient Support Rails to support the patient comfortably.This concept helps establish a Healthy Doctor -Patient relationship for improved health outcomes.


Our unique gym equipment includes Arm ergometer, Bariatric exercise bicycle for obese patients, Telemetric monitored exercise, Advanced software controlled ergometers, Nordic walking using nordic sticks

Medical gym differs from any other gym or fitness center in a way that the staff includes certified medical professionals like Cardiologists, Physician, trained kinesiologists. Our Medical fitness centers are geared mainly for people with medical disorders especially cardiac and orthopedic diseases. Medical fitness centers also provide a comprehensive full health-risk assessment, taking

medical history into consideration and recommendations from doctors when prescribing an exercise prescription. A trained certified cardiologist will assess and write an exercise prescription customized to every patient which will be implemented by a trained cardiac kinesiologist. They will advise a gradual increase in the exercise capacity of the patient with the help of telemetry based exercises with constant monitoring of ECG and vital signs by a doctor.


Make your Aloha visits more relaxing and stress free!

“The Best things come to those who wait”. Your comfort has been the basis of coming up with a ‘café waiting lounge’. The lounge is a centrally air conditioned enclave with comfortable chairs, a large Led TV and health library. The ambience is patient friendly and provides a stress free environment. You can use the library services or avail our free WI-FI to surf while you wait to meet your doctor. The idea is to make the patient feel as if the patient is not in a hospital set-up but in a luxury lounge.


Aloha goes beyond the normal to ensure your health

Personalised lifestyle coach/App

A tracking App which closely monitors your activities and daily diet plans. It gives you timely reminders about certain do’s and don’ts .Hence it will act as a personalised life style coach.


Nutritionist enforced weight management which is closely supervised by our experts, and monitored by life style tracking app .Appropriate diet is extremely important to achieve health and performance goals. Our stress management experts will help you adhere to diet plans.

Psychological support

Our Counsellor helps you identify your hindrances such as Psychological, physical or lifestyle related and will help you overcome those. They also follow the suggestions given by our experts in the reversal programs and guide you accordingly.


Even though we are technologically advanced we believe and promote yoga therapy. As we all are aware that yoga is a way of freeing the mind, body and spirit.

Group activities

It is always good to share your experiences. Physical activity is always joyful when done with teammates. We conduct Zumba, Breathing exercises, yoga. Patient education, awareness programs and Patient care giver education is offered. The fun doesn’t end here! It extends to cooking, fun games and much more.

In-house Pharmacy

We have an in-house pharmacy which will cater your medicinal and nutritional supplement needs with some special concessions. We also have a provision for gadgets and home services.

In-house Laboratory

We process blood and other body fluids in our in house lab so that our consultants will get to know the current status of your health promptly.

Diagnostic services

We have services like CPET ( Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Test), Bicycle stress test,2D ECHO machine, CGMS ( Continuous Glucose Monitoring System) foot care, podiatry evaluation X-ray chest, ABPM ( 24 hours Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring).

Emergency Services

To give extra care to high risk patients, there is a provision of ICU bed on the site.

Technological & medically monitored gym.

We have medical gym facility which has state of art technology, controlled by software and monitored by experienced doctor.

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