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What are Home Care Services?

Aloha Clinics’ Home Care Services are where our experienced team of doctors visit your home for a medical check-up and collect samples for the lab. investigations. Wherever required, they connect you over a video call with our specialists like Cardiologists, Diabetologists, etc. We go a step forward in delivering medicines at the doorstep.

Why are Home Care Services a necessity in the current times?

During this period of the pandemic, people are scared to step out of their houses, especially for visiting a clinic or hospital. Aloha Clinics’ Home Care Services are like a saviour in these times, as one can avail quality healthcare in the comfort of his/her home. Aloha Clinics’ experienced teams follow global safety protocols while visiting you for consultations, lab. Investigations or even delivering medicines.

What exactly happens when a doctor visits you for Home Care Services?

After you book an appointment, Aloha Clinics’ team visits you while following all safety protocols. The visiting doctor conducts a health check-up, records vital parameters eg. BP, ECG, etc. They even take samples for the lab. Investigations if required. In case our visiting doctor feels the need for a specialist’s intervention, they connect you to specialist’s at Aloha Clinics’ or your existing doctor over a video call. If medicines are to be procured, our team would arrange for doorstep delivery.

What are the patient safety precautions taken by Aloha Clinics doctors?

Our visiting doctor wears a PPE kit. All instruments, probes, machines are well sanitised. For sample collection like blood or urine, best quality disposable consumables are used.

How different are Aloha Clinics’ Home Care Services from other service providers?

Aloha Clinics’ Home Care Services are carefully designed by the best in industry clinical teams and doctors to deliver safe healthcare at your doorsteps. As part of the service offering, we provide services like visits by experienced doctors, counselling, video consultation with specialists, sample collection for the lab. Investigations and doorstep delivery of medicines. Apart from this we also provide assistance with catheterization, dressing of the wound and IV medication.

Can Aloha Clinics’ Home Care Services cover positive or suspected cases?

Yes, though our qualified and experienced teams are equipped to manage any medical emergencies, at this stage, government protocols do not permit us to do so. We’ll inform you once we have the required permissions and approvals for handling positive or suspect cases.

Can I involve my family physician or a consulting specialist while I avail Aloha Clinics’ Home Care Services?

Yes, who knows better about your condition than your regular physician or a specialist you have been visiting lately. Our visiting doctor can connect you with your regular physician over a video call and in case he/she is not available you can choose to speak with our specialists at Aloha Clinics’.

Can a specialist like a cardiologist or a diabetologist visit as part of Aloha Clinics’ Home Care Services?

Yes, you can connect with our specialist over a video call and after all the necessary lab investigations are done, they could visit you too at your home. Apart from that, you could also connect with our nutritionists, clinical psychologists or physiotherapists.

How can I make payments for Aloha Clinics’ Home Care Services?

You can choose to pay using any UPI payment service or pay in cash.

How can I schedule an appointment for Aloha Clinics’ Home Care Services?

You can choose to call +91 94 22 33 44 22

What are the timings and days for availing Aloha Clinics’ Home Care Services?

Home Care Services can be availed anytime between Monday to Saturday (9 AM to 6 PM).

Service Service Charges
Upto 6 kms. Between 6-10 kms. Beyond 10 kms.
Clinical Consultation Rs.1,500 Rs.2000 Rs.2,500
O2 Saturation
Blood Pressure
Blood Sugar Level – Random Lab test charges at actual
Blood collection
IV infusion* Rs.1,000 + consumables Rs.1,500 + consumables Rs.1500 + consumables
Catheterization* Rs.1,000 + consumables Rs.1,500 + consumables Rs.1,500 + consumables
RT insertion* Rs.1,000 + consumables Rs.1500+ material at actual Rs.1500+ material at actual
Wound dressing* Rs. 500 small wound, Rs.1,000 large wound
Physiotherapy* Rs.750 per session
Portable X Ray (Chest)* Rs.1,500 Rs.2,000 Rs.2,500
Palliative care* * * *
Assistance services* * * *
Doorstep delivery of medicines* 10% discount on the bill amount 10% discount on the bill amount 10% discount on the bill amount

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